Cori Stevens
Partner, Head of Strategy

With more than 16 years of professional experience in the communications and marketing industry, Cori uses creative and innovative methods to help clients grow their businesses. She is a social and digital expert with the skills to help tell your story, grab your audience, create brand awareness, and initiate thought leadership. With strategic social media outreach and influencer marketing, Cori can enhance your brand image and convert leads into sales.

Sarah Motzkin
Partner, Head of Client Relations

Sarah has more than 12 years of experience in the human resources and event industry. Using her networking skills, many connections, and in-depth understanding of the social media sphere, she uses creative and innovative methods to help clients connect and grow their businesses.

Sarah is a problem solver with a natural ability to connect with people. Using these skills, she supports integrated social media planning through influencer engagements, posting, responding, and overall audience engagement. Sarah can visualize countless solutions to customer pain points and generate unique ideas based on her experience in HR, retail, and as a Mom.

Jessie Reardon
Executive Project Director

With over 15 years in the marketing, communications, and client relations industries, Jessie brings creativity, energy, and a genuine passion for helping clients reach their goals. Jessie tackles problems head-on with constructive and cost-effective solutions. Jessie will elevate your brand and social media presence all while helping you brainstorm your next big idea and becoming a true extension of your team.